Unique technology

It is the most important issue and also our biggest differentiator. Entirely created by Surge Cloud team. Using solutions not available on the market, we are one step ahead of the competition. Innovations in commerce that we implement are largely based on our proprietary solution, which is Cash Desk.

The entire infrastructure will support a state-of-the-art Retail Analytics system that will carry out an inventory of goods automatically , provide all data and send alerts for events requiring human response.

Retail analytics

Our infrastructure is the foundation of an analytics system operation, that has never been seen before in stationary trade. It transfers almost full functionality of analytics available in e-commerce to regular stores. Our system is a real revolution in retail analytics.


The system sends information about any event requiring action. It informs about the need to replenish products, move those with shorter expiry dates to the front or abandoned products to the right place. Neither store staff nor sales representatives are forced to control store shelves. Virtually all merchandising is automated.

Automatic inventory

The process of counting goods from the entire retail network is limited to a single click. Information is available online, in real time at any time.

Sales solutions

The full sales model is based on a distribution and production partnership, the sale of technology to the outside – the customer outsources our solution, the entire know-how, the settlement is based on the purchase of licenses and payment of monthly subscription fees by the customer. This model uses all solutions developed by Surge Cloud, the customer buys them in a package.

It is a solution consisting of all currently available modules and solutions developed by Surge Cloud to launch an autonomous store. It provides the ability to generate a simple conceptual franchise, which is particularly important in the context of the innovation of unmanned outlets.


The developed technology can be divided into small parts without focusing on its integration. The customer himself chooses from a catalog of available modules, which will be suitable for him. Whether he decides to introduce a solution in the form of only one module or more of them depends only on him. The modules are complementary.


Smart stores of the future


Imagine a store where everything is fully automated, where the shelves know what’s on them, where you enter, take the products you want and leave. That’s the smart store of the future.


The most important change is the lack of checkout counters, which also makes it a store without lines. All you have to do to enter the smart store is to walk in, pick up your products and walk through the gate with them.


The store does not need permanent staff to function, so it can be open 24 hours a day, including non-trade Sundays. The lack of possibility to do shopping on Sunday is for many people quite an inconvenience. Thanks to our technology this problem will quickly become a thing of the past.


At Take&GO stores, the entire shopping process is automated from all sides, both the consumer and the retailer.