Store of the future

Modern shopping technologies are getting bolder. Commerce is developing dynamically. We continue to see more and more new forms of competition in most stores. Often, however, new solutions are geared towards pushing a few extra products in the shopping cart, i.e. to throw a few extras, instead of solving the shopper’s problems, improving the shopping experience, and thus building their relationship with the brand. What should the store of the future look like?

Operation of an unmanned store on the example of the Take&GO project implementation.


To solve problems, you must first recognize them. Research conducted by Mastercard shows that one in two consumers cite checkout lines as the most annoying thing about shopping. It bothers seventy percent of customers. Half of them declare that they gave up shopping because of a lines.

The data provides an almost unambiguous answer to the question of what the store of the future should look like. The problem is not only to create a technological opportunity, but also a viable business model. We have indeed succeeded in doing so.


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