NOT JUST ANOTHER CONVENIENCE STORE... We automate processes in retail. We automate processes in retail. We have been operating in 2 years of experience in building an autonomous retail network. international b2b markets for over 3 years.

For everyone

With our TaaS model, you don’t have to meet countless conditions. Depending on your needs, you can join the partner program of your choice.


Your every step will be supported by our AI on the website. Once the property is handed over, our automatic modules will do the work. The whole thing is adapted to the requirements of XYZ generations.



Autonomous solutions for the retail industry

We create a market


Lack of permanent staff in stores.



Technological Advantage

Understanding the behavior and propagation of radio waves is an important know-how of the company.


Surge Cloud as a response to changes

For a growing number of people, saving time is a key value. 

Experienced Team

A unique combination of experience in the retail industry and new technologies. 

Verified store concept

The first months of the store’s operation have shown that the format has market potential.

We reduce store costs

Lower operating costs as a result of automation of processes in the store and headquarters.

Response to digitization

We live in an age of “clickable” services on the phone at the expense of human interaction.

The first retail chain on big data in Poland

Datasets provide the basis for commercial and logistical operations.


We cooperate with the following sectors



Store of the future

Modern shopping technologies are getting bolder. Commerce is developing dynamically. We continue to see more and more new forms of competition in most stores. Often, however, new solutions are geared towards pushing a few extra products in the shopping cart, i.e. to throw a few extras, instead of solving the shopper’s problems, improving the shopping experience, and thus building their relationship with the brand. What should the store of the future look like?

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.

Bill Gates

About Us

Company mission

One of the most important tasks that the world and Planet Earth present to us is to implement eco-friendly policies. The initiative to turn on the green light for ecology is a very important point in the whole Surge Cloud project. Technology remains number one, of course, but all our activities should be done with respect for the environment.

Our Team

Najlepszym sposobem na przewidzenie przyszłości jest jej wynalezienie.

Alan Kay