About Us

Company mission

One of the most important tasks that the world and Planet Earth present to us is to implement eco-friendly policies. The initiative to turn on the green light for ecology is a very important point in the whole Surge Cloud project. Technology remains number one, of course, but all our activities should be done with respect for the environment.

We develop and implement automation technologies and unmanned commerce solutions for external customers. We do not focus only on selling the product served as a whole, as an inseparable unity composed of several / more than a dozen smaller modules, we have moved to the idea of also including into a sales process an individual modules that fit the needs of a particular company. We meet the demands and needs.

Surge Cloud, based on its knowledge, experience and understanding of market realities, meets the specific demands and needs of specific customers. The unquestionable advantage of the TaaS model proposed by our company is the ability to adapt the solution to any industry. The entirety consisting of a combination of modules that are complementary gives the customer the opportunity to choose which areas they want to optimize using technology. Thus, regardless of whether the customer’s goal is a single store (outlet) or the entire network, Surge Cloud becomes a provider of technology services.